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15.02.2023 - 16.03.2023

رمز ترويجي


يسمح الرمز الترويجي للمتداول بالحصول على مكافأة قدرها 30% لحساب الإيداع الخاص به.

أنواع الحسابات:


أدنى حد للإيداع:

  1. The promo code is available for activation for the time period from 15/02/2023 to 16/03/2023.
  2. To receive bonus funds, a client has to use the bonus30 promo code.
  3. The promo-code allows the client to receive a bonus equal to 30% of their last deposit amount.
  4. In order to use the following bonus, a client has to make a deposit of at least $100.
  5. Bonus is available on the following types of accounts: MT4-CLASSIC, MT4-ECN.
  6. The promo code can be used by every client during the period of the bonus program and is available for 10 time use.
  7. To use the promo code, the client must enter "bonus30" in the special promo code field while making a deposit in the Client's Cabinet. The bonus will be credited immediately after the account has been funded.
  8. The bonus is credited to the account only if the client's profile is fully verified, that is, the name, address, phone number and e-mail are indicated and confirmed.
  9. The amount credited to the client's account as a bonus cannot exceed $3,000.
  10. The bonus amount may not be credited to the trading account whose leverage is greater than 1:500, if the Client will use high-risk trading strategy the Company could set the leverage on 1:100 without any additional notification (more about high-risk trading strategy you can read in Client agreement paragraph 5.4).
  11. The bonus cannot be credited after internal transfers between the client's trading accounts.
  12. The trader has the right to withdraw the profit gained through investing the bonus at any time convenient for him.
    In order to transfer bonus funds to balance and withdraw them from the trading account, the client has to conduct transactions with a total volume of at least 50% of the bonus amount after closing 50 or more transactions. The calculation examples can be found in the table below
    Deposit Bonus amount
    Bonus amount
    50% lots of the bonus amount*
    1000 30% $300 150
    5000 30% $1500 750
    10000 30% $3000 1500
  13. From the moment the bonus is credited, it can be used within 3 months. During this period, it can be used for trading or withdrawn from the account if conditions for withdrawal are met. The bonus will be canceled after the expiration of the above period.
  14. When a client withdraws his own money from his account or makes a transfer to another account, the bonus amount is reduced in proportion to the account balance. Geratsu has the right to take away bonus funds if the client withdraws his own funds or a part of them from his account. Profit can be withdrawn without limits.
  15. If the client loses his own funds as a result of trading, Geratsu has the right to reduce the amount of bonus funds in proportion to the account balance.
  16. Bonus can support negative balance only if there are opened trades on the account. The bonus would be cancelled if client close all positions while having negative balance.
  17. Commission for affiliate programs (affiliate remuneration) will not be paid for transactions opened with the use of bonus funds.
  18. This bonus is tradable, its use may lead to a Credit Stop Out situation. Read more about this in the FAQ section, Technical Questions about the trading terminal.
  19. The Credit Stop Out is not applicable with bonus 30%.
  20. Geratsu reserves the right to refuse to provide bonus funds or cancel already added bonuses at any time, as well as to cancel the results of any transactions made by the use of credit (bonus) funds.
  21. This bonus cannot be applied to the Trader accounts taking part in copy trading.
  22. Geratsu reserves the right to cancel the result of client`s trades if the company detects the use of the "bonus hunting" scheme or suspects the use of other fraudulent schemes and actions in relation to bonus funds.
    In this case, trade results that were earned by the use of bonus funds will be canceled. The bonus can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice to the client due to the low trading activity on the trading account. For example, the execution of one large transaction or several small transactions opened at approximately the same time at the same (or practically the same) prices, that is, the split of a large transaction into small ones can be considered the basis for such a decision on the part of the Company.
  23. Bonus can be used by one profile only. It means promotion is limited to one participant from each shared computer or mobile device. Geratsu has the right to cancel the bonus in case there are interrelations between clients profiles personal information or if any of such parameters as Google Analytics ID or IP address coincide.
  24. Geratsu may ask the client for additional identity information. If the client refuses to provide the necessary information, the Company may refuse to provide the bonus or cancel already added bonus funds as well as the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.
  25. The clients participating in bonus promotions need to read paragraph 3.7. of the Client Agreement, which states: The Company corrects balances in the accounts with a fixed negative value in the "Balance" column in the trading terminal on the 1st of each month. Correction (setting to zero) of trading accounts shall be applied solely to those accounts in which no trades are conducted at the moment of correction, i.e. no active open trading positions are present (pending orders will not be considered). Bonus funds are deducted from the "Credit" column with the comment "bonus_out (negative balance)". At the same time, funds in the amount equal to the negative balance value are put into the account with the comment "Zero Balance Correction".
  26. This bonus can be used on Investors (Copy) accounts taking part in Copy Trading service. Amount of bonus funds depend on your last deposit amount. To receive first bonus on Investor's account, please an email to [email protected] with the following details: Your name, profile email, bonus promocode and Investor's account number. Bonus will be added manually within 24 hours.
  27. Geratsu reserves the right to change the bonus conditions at any time without prior notice.
  28. By activating the promo code, the client agrees with the aforementioned terms of use.

*It must be noted that:

  • the coefficient used for CFD transactions on shares, cryptocurrencies, stock indices and oil is 0.01;
  • the volume is 100 times more for Cent accounts;
  • when adding the bonus funds to the account balance, only the trades conducted by use of the Client’s own funds will be considered;
  • the volumes of trades closed in trading instruments where one point cost is different from one EURUSD point cost will be recalculated based on one EURUSD point cost. For example, one EURUSD point cost is $1 per lot. One EURCAD point cost is $1.041 per lot. So, the EURCAD volume will be recalculated by multiplying it by 1.041. It means that one EURCAD lot will be equal to 1.041 EURUSD standard lots. The following formula is applied when calculating the cryptocurrency real trade volume: volume × contract size / 100,000 × volume.

*When calculating the total volume of closed transactions, we do not consider:

  • deleted and canceled pending orders;
  • trades contradicting item 5.10.2 of the "Client Agreement";
  • hedge positions;
  • transactions closed with less than 30 points of profit/loss;
  • trades conducted in the account before addition of bonus funds;
  • trades which are taken into consideration for working out another bonus to balance.

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