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"Christmas Trading" Contest

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01.12.2022 - 31.12.2022

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Winners will be announced on the Geratsu Indonesia FB Page and Geratsu Indonesia Instragram on 9th January 2023

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  1. The contest is held for Geratsu clients from INDONESIA

  2. The contest’s stage duration is from 01.12.2022 to 31.12.2022

  3. Only clients with fully verified personal profiles may participate in the contest.

  4. The types of trading account which can participate in the contest: MT4-CLASSIC, MT4-ECN.

  5. Leverage of the contest account: 1:1000

  6. Only those clients who made a new deposit of minimum $50 can become participants of the contest.

  7. Client has to make a deposit to an account which does not have a status of “main” account. More information about what is “main” account and how to change it can be found in Trader's FAQ.

  8. Only those participants who traded a minimum of 2 lots during the contest can be considered as winners.

  9. Contest participants are not allowed to use additional funds (bonuses) provided by Geratsu LLC for the entire contest period.

  10. Participants can choose any trading instrument to trade during the competition.

  11. Each client can have only 1 registered account and are prohibited from manipulating data.

  12. The Contest account cannot be used in the Copy Trading service until the end of the contest period.

  13. Profitability is computed using the following formula:



    “P” means "profitability in %"

    ”E_begin_X” means "funds available at the beginning of the period X".

    “E_end_X” means "funds available at the end of the period X".

    “N” means "the latest settlement period".

    The formula defines profitability in % from the moment of registering an account.

    A trader's profitability depends only on the results of his/her trading operations. Deposits and withdrawals have no influence on account profitability rates. Traders with the highest rate of profitability will be named winners of this contest.

  14. Geratsu, as the organizer of the competition, may refuse to register a participant or disqualify him without prior notice. The reasons for disqualification can be the following:

    • Violation and / or non-compliance with the rules of the contest;
    • Violation of the terms and conditions written in the Client Agreement;
    • Registration of several client's profiles or registration of several contest accounts by the same individual;It means promotion is limited to one participant from each shared computer or mobile device. Geratsu has the right to cancel the bonus in case there are interrelations between clients profiles personal information or if any of such parameters as Google Analytics ID or IP address coincide.
    • The presence of large volume trades opened on different accounts at a similar time for the same trading instruments;
    • Usage of quotes flow failure in order to obtain a guaranteed profit;
    • Suspicious or fraudulent actions in order to be included in the winner's list.
  15. Other terms and conditions for contest accounts are similar to trading conditions for trading accounts in accordance with the Client Agreement.

  16. Each winner is eligible for the prizes set out below:

  17. After the list of winners is published, the winner should contact the organizers of the contest by mail [email protected] with the mark “Trading Christmas Winner” and be ready to provide additional information.

  18. Prize payment requests are accepted only within 2 weeks after the announcement of the final results of the competition.

  19. Geratsu has the right to request additional identification documents from the participants when crediting a prize if they deem it necessary.

  20. The prize will be credited within 3 working days after sending the prize payment request only to the client's real account created after participating in the contest.

  21. Geratsu reserves the right to use information about prize accounts for advertising purposes and may publish it in any available information sources. Winners may be invited to participate in PR and marketing activities, including interviews, photography, videos, etc. At the same time, Geratsu commits not to divulge the winner's personal information without his/her consent. If the winner refuses to accept the above conditions, Geratsu has the right to change the winner's rating and award the prize to the next participant in the final ranking.

  22. When registering for the contest, participants accept all limitations and rules related to the competition. Geratsu reserves the right to disqualify a participant who breaks the rules. For example, an attempt to participate in the competition from multiple profiles, as well as the usage of anonymous proxy servers, will result in immediate disqualification of the participant.

  23. Any disputes and misinterpretation of the above applicable Terms and Conditions or situations not covered by the Terms and Conditions, would be resolved by Geratsu in the manner it deems to be the fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and/or binding on all entrants.

  24. As the organizer of the competition, Geratsu may change the conditions of the contest at any time without prior notice to the participants.

  25. Under no circumstances should Geratsu be liable for consequences of any alteration, amendment, suspension, cancellation or termination of the Promotion.

*It must be noted that:

  • the coefficient used for CFD transactions on shares, cryptocurrencies, stock indices and oil is 0.01;
  • the volumes of trades closed in trading instruments where one point cost is different from one EURUSD point cost will be recalculated based on one EURUSD point cost. For example, one EURUSD point cost is $1 per lot. One EURCAD point cost is $1.041 per lot. So, the EURCAD volume will be recalculated by multiplying it by 1.041. It means that one EURCAD lot will be equal to 1.041 EURUSD standard lots. The following formula is applied when calculating the cryptocurrency real trade volume: volume × contract size / 100,000 × volume.

*When calculating the total volume of closed transactions, we do not consider:

  • deleted and canceled pending orders;
  • hedge positions;
  • transactions closed with less than 30 points of profit/loss and the duration is not less than 15 seconds each;
  • trades which are taken into consideration for working out another bonus to balance.

Geratsu LLC (nombor pendaftaran: 860 LLC 2021 ) diatur sesuai dengan akta lesen "LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT, CHAPTER 151 OF THE REVISED LAWS OF SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, 2009." dari St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Geratsu LLC is registered with NFA license with the registration number 0556146.

Alamat: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Lokasi: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Tel.: +1 844 200 0183


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