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"Merdeka" Contest

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Contest period: 15.08.2022 - 19.08.2022
Status: Completed

About contest:

Show professional trading and maximise your initial deposit by participating in our contest in honour of the holiday Merdeka.

Account types:


Min. deposit:

  1. The contest is held for Geratsu clients from MALAYSIA, BRUNEI, INDONESIA and PHILIPPINES

  2. The contest’s stage duration is 5 days (from Monday to Friday). There are two stages in August 2022.

  3. Dates of the contest:

    1st stage: 01.08.2022 08:00:00 to 05.08.2022 23:59:59

    2nd stage: 15.08.2022 08:00:00 to 19.08.2022 23:59:59

    Time zone: GMT+8

  4. To become a participant, each client should be registered and verify their profiles.

  5. The type of a trading account to participate in the contest: MT4-CLASSIC.

  6. Allowable leverage to participate in the competition: 1:500

  7. Each client can be identified as a participant when he/she makes a deposit of $100 or more on the account. The number of deposits and exact sums are not limited.

  8. Client’s profile should be verified before the contest start date.

  9. Contest participants are not allowed to use additional funds (bonuses) provided by Geratsu LLC.

  10. Contestants can choose any trading instrument to trade during the competition.

  11. Participants are not allowed to use the EA system or robots during the contest.

  12. It’s allowed to add funds to the account in case of incurring a loss.

  13. Participants are allowed to withdrawal their funds during or after the competition.

  14. Five winners of each stage are being chosen according to the profit percentage based on the starting capital balance / total profit x 100%. Only those participants who were actively trading during the competition and were able to maximize their initial deposit without violating contest conditions, can be regarded as winners.

  15. Winners are being announced on the Monday after the end of each contest stage. Each winner receives the reward in cash.

  16. Each winner is eligible for the prizes set out below:

    1 $2500
    2 $1500
    3 $500
    4 $300
    5 $200
  17. When registering for the contest, participants accept all limitations and rules related to the competition. Geratsu reserves the right to disqualify a participant who breaks the rules. For example, an attempt to participate in the competition from multiple profiles, as well as the usage of anonymous proxy servers will result in immediate disqualification of the participant.

  18. Geratsu clients can register in the contest only once per each stage.

  19. Geratsu, as the organizer of the competition, may disqualify a participant without prior notice.The reasons for disqualification can be the following:

    • Violation and / or non-compliance with the rules of the contest;
    • Violation of the terms and conditions written in the Client Agreement;
    • Registration of several client's profiles;
    • The presence of large volume trades opened on different accounts at a similar time for the same trading instruments;
    • Usage of quotes flow failure in order to obtain a guaranteed profit;
    • The presence of trades, including hedged transactions, the duration of which is less than 2 minutes;
    • Suspicious or fraudulent actions in order to be included in the winners list.
  20. Participants have to show trading activity daily. If there is no activity, the participant will drop out of the competition.

  21. Geratsu has the right to request additional identification documents from the participants when crediting a prize if they deem it necessary.

  22. Geratsu, as the organizer of the competition, may refuse to credit a prize sum without explaining the reasons if it suspects that the winner has violated the trading conditions of the contest or the terms of the Client Agreement, as well as if a winner has refused to verify his/her profile and provide additional information regarding his identity.

  23. Prize payment can be sent after the contestant’s request and withdrawn only within 1 month after the announcement of the final results of the competition.

Geratsu LLC (registration number: 860 LLC 2021 ) is regulated in accordance with the license act "LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT, CHAPTER 151 OF THE REVISED LAWS OF SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, 2009." of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Geratsu LLC is registered with NFA license with the registration number 0556146.

Address: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Contact Information

Location: Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Tel.: +1 844 200 0183


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